The point is, you can fix it. Why does properties say all these controllers are working? I also don’t have a ps2 port or any way to get a USB to ps2 converter. But it isn’t even there. I am having the issue where it worked for 2 weeks and now its not working.

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Then of course the up and down arrows. Very helpful – certainly fixed my problem: If not, leave them plugged in and restart the computer.

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Quiksilver Hard Shell Macbook 15” Black. Physically my ports are intact but its nt charging anything nor recognizing any usb devices!! I wish Windows would reinstall the drivers. The iphones all admit a beeping noise, other devices just malfuntion of flash lights.


Hope pn help you guys. However, here in Germany should I call you Brezel? I have a y-cable and the disc spins up fine… Until I encounter an error about corrupted data on my drive likely an incomplete download, as I had been attempting to download Bayonetta 2 onto pny usb hub combo harddrive pny usb hub combo securing a Y-cable … At which point, the Wii U crashes, preventing me from starting up any game let alone performing data management tasks. Name cmbo new value DisableSelectiveSuspend.

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So it bridges the two worlds so to speak. It’s a good starting point though. At some point uusb will not be able to disable any more controllers if your mouse is not working!

Dell 27 Ultrathin Monitor: Also, check with the maker of your Pny usb hub combo thumb drive to see if they cobmo any tools to help, or advice to give. Any help would be usefull. I have 2 USB slots, one of them doesn’t work at all, no power, no nothing. Might be there’s no power to the port. So you NEED all your ports working. Select and remove them all.

I thought that my Notebook’s 3. I know you looked into it, but you might want huh go over the drivers again. If so, then it’s unlikely to be a hardware pny usb hub combo of the port. Creative Inspire T – Speaker 5.

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I connected an mp3 player, and it recognises that it is connected. That’s the kind of mouse that has a round connector instead of a USB connector. Hot keys, or shortcut keys, can save you considerable time when using them often.

Trying all your advice here. I have a problem with my USB port. Now I don’t have either of my USB ports.

My USB ports on the front of my tower work on and off. I have a problem that occured after i put my PC into sleep mode over night. Icy Box – Boitier Externe pour Disque 2.