Sunday, January 10, It gave me a code 37 error while latest driver was already installed. Tuesday, February 03, 2: Because of problems with the drive on the Apple Mac, people have demanded firmwares for other versions of the drive UJ, etc. What update was it?

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MATSHITA UJ-845D – drivers for windows xp

Unfortunatelly, I am totally out of my league when it comes to computer knowledge so, I hope that you guys can help…. If you have a new laptop with a drive that is not matshita uj-845d then the manufacturer clearly has a responsability to make it work. Matshita uj-845d the File menu, click Export. I am ever grateful to people like you who can find solutions to things like this Burn speeds were never a problem before it stopped reading them for no good reason, the part I love is it stopped reading matshita uj-845d a week matshita uj-845d the warranty expired.

Spat out a coaster! I am have the same problems. I have tried this, but unsuccessful. Acer site no help, indeed says if I chose to change operating system I must accept any problems that arrise.

Saturday, September 13, 4: Let me add my post to the long list of thank you’s. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The OS sees the drive and loads it back but still the same prob. Saturday, November 01, 9: Download AHCI driver 7zim06ww.

Friday, February 27, 5: Read your post and thought i would take the risk Wednesday, November 28, 1: I have posted on the toshiba forum, I advise you all to do the same, may be toshiba ll do something if only to avoid having all computers brought back for repair.

Matshita uj-845d the Registry Editor window, click the X in the upper right corner to close the window. As a result, the drive sucked in the CD again as matshita uj-845d metal part blocked the way, so the CD stuck inside. Called Matshita uj-845d and they were no help, took it back to BestBuy and the guy from the GeekSquad said that he heard these drives had some major incompatibility issues with certain brands of blank media.

Cheers and Good Luck -K. It seems to burn and read at the correct speed also regardless of media! Friday, August 28, Also, this will work with any computer with Microsoft Vista Operating System installed. I’ve been working on this problems for 3 hours now only to find out that other people are having similar problems with. Tuesday, August 18, 8: It will appear on your desktop as a regular Mac volume for future use.

Friday, November 23, 2: Saturday, August 02, 7: I really can’t afford to buy another drive right now, and I feel like I matshita uj-845d be close to the problem, like there must be matshita uj-845d solution. It works on Mathsita too not only with matshita uj-845d 39 problem but code 10 too.

If you just google Un-845d you will see just how matshita uj-845d people are having problems with them.

Thank you ever so much! Wednesday, May 07, 8: OR perhaps ther is a matshita uj-845d out there that when inserted burns fine.

MATSHITA UJD Drivers Download for Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista

matshita uj-845d A small number of drives have [Purged] as the offset, these drives were found not to have a constant drive offset perhaps different manufacturing batches, or firmwaresas such they have been removed from AccurateRip’s drive database should you have one of these drives, 3 matching key disks will be required to matshita uj-845d AccurateRip.

Matshita uj-845d has any suggestions? Anyway, I printed the sub key’s values and obtained three results. Surely some engineer from Matshita knows and is in a position to post on the web!! The parts are difficult to obtain, are generally more expensive, and people are nervous about opening up an expensive piece of equipment.

Yes Return C2 Pointers: However, serious matshita uj-845d might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Monday, September 08, 4: