If human intervention in the library is the cause, A stacked volume has a label error. Making Library Manager Selections 13 Menu Bar The menu bar is the primary item containing keywords that, when selected, cause another menu to open. Cancel inventory Cancels the inventory process. It can be used only on High Performance Tape Subsystems. Click the button for the VTS that the logical volumes are associated with. The Library Manager user pressed the hot key combination and regained control.

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Confirm that the eject operation is complete by performing the following steps: Part 2 of 2 Performance Statistics Window The Performance Statistics window has the following available on its action bar: Use this panel ibm ultrium 4 3580 tape drive test the paths to the primary and alternate LME servers.

Drive MB Written Number of megabytes written by the drive. Using the Manage Unassigned Volumes window, shown in Figure on pageyou can assign the volumes in the Unassigned category to the Import category, assign volumes to the appropriate Insert category and partition based on the volser ranges, or eject a volume.

If using this link ultriu, will just need to choose your platform and press continue. Service representative The service representative has full authorization access to all functions of the Tape Library. The VTS restarts itself. Uninterruptible power supply units The server supports attachments to the uninterruptible power supply UPS units listed in the following table. Ultrimu Summary Figure Number of Cycles Specify the number of cycles to perform while testing the selected device ibm ultrium 4 3580 tape drive.

ATTN message appears on the message display, record the error code and report it to your service representative. Check the box next to the correct version and click continue.


The Ibm ultrium 4 3580 tape drive Administrator Password window opens. Optical drives The server supports the optical drive options listed in the following table. Destination Pool Number The storage pool where the range of volumes specified in the request are tappe moved. IBM cannot accept responsibility for any failure to satisfy the protection requirements resulting from a non-recommended modification of the product, including the fitting of non-IBM option cards.

Riser 1 supplies slots 1 and 2.

Select the Specific Rack check box. The drop-down light path diagnostics panel and individual light path LEDs quickly lead the technician to failed or failing components.

In addition to reading and writing to Ultrium 5 tapecartridges, the TS can read and write to Ultrium 4 cartridges and read Ultrium 3 cartridges.

Help Provides help about the Promote Commands window.

Enter the volser in the Volser: Service representative intervention required. If the cartridge fails to load in the tape subsystem, remove the cartridge and inspect it for correct type or damage. Three files are written to the volume.

IBM System x M3 Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

Cartridge Care and Handling. The keyword, equal sign, and value must not be separate from each other.

Dual Library Manager Alternate Link shows the status of the secondary communication path between the two Library Managers. This window allows you to move Exported Stacked Volumes in the Unassigned category to the Import category. The following yltrium can be performed: If you select No, the shutdown request ends.

It can be used only on High Performance Tape Subsystems. Remotely viewing video with graphics resolutions up to x at 75 Hz, regardless of the system state Remotely accessing the server using the keyboard and mouse from a remote client Mapping the CD or DVD driv, diskette drive, and USB flash drive on a remote client, and mapping ISO and dgive image files as virtual drives that are available for use by the server Uploading a diskette image to the IMM memory ibm ultrium 4 3580 tape drive mapping it to the server as a virtual drive The blue-screen capture feature captures the video display contents before the IMM restarts the server when the IMM detects an operating-system hang condition.

If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their ibm ultrium 4 3580 tape drive occurrence in this information with a dtive symbol R or TMthese symbols indicate U.

IBM TotalStorage 3494 Tape Library Operator’s Manual

Page 53 See examples 245and 6 ibm ultrium 4 3580 tape drive Figure 24 on page The magazine see item 1 includes two cartridge positions. All storage cells full Indicates rdive all of the customer storage cells in the Tape Library have cartridges assigned to them. Probable Cause The Library Manager has detected two separate tape drives with the same element address. Security An LTO 5 tape drive include hardware based data encryption to prevent unauthorized access to data at rest.

Toolless cover removal provides easy access to upgrades and serviceable parts, such as HDDs and memory. The Cleaner Masks window Figure allows the entry of cleaner masks.