Click The search pane is displayed to the left of the on-screen manual. Fading correction Use this function to correct photos and film that have faded with time or have a colorcast. Another bug in this driver causes junk to be appended to the end of a raw scan when using the PhotoSmart. Face Sharpener Corrects the entire image to sharpen the facial area in and around the selected area. In that case, increase the operating system’s virtual memory and retry. Images may not be scanned correctly in some applications.

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Note To reduce moire, set Document Type to Magazine. You can classify images displayed in Unclassified automatically, and also create custom categories. Borderless Printing Select this checkbox to print the image on an entire sheet of paper without dr-2010f. Canon dr-2010c wia image colors change as you adjust them. Status of ScanGear dialog after canon dr-2010c wia Canno what to do with ScanGear scanner driver after scanning images.

Note Settings are not retained when you switch between modes.

Canon 4207B002 On-screen Manual

When scanning is completed, the Scan Complete dialog box opens. Changes from Previous Versions. Images with more data distributed to the shadow side Move the Mid-point Slider toward the shadow side. Page 25 Gently close the Document Canon dr-2010c wia. Page Preview Performs a trial scan. If you’re using Linux wka. Delete unnecessary files to obtain sufficient free hard disk space, then scan again.

Select the resolution at which to scan documents. Automatically Execute Preview ScanGear will automatically start previewing at startup.

When Canon dr-2010c wia Source is film, Grayscale 16bit will also be displayed. You should specify the most suitable format canon dr-2010c wia to how you want to dr-201c0 the image on which application. Page Click OK. Page of Go. Important The adjustments will be lost if you exit before saving adjusted images.

Display Preview Image D-r2010c Performs a trial canon dr-2010c wia. MP Navigator EX is an application that enables you to easily scan photos, documents and film. When deleting ScanGear, close all running applications and remove the USB cable connecting the canon dr-2010c wia and computer.

Note Click Classify Images to classify images displayed in Unclassified automatically. Note Click Defaults to reset all adjustments in the current window.

See ” Placing Documents ” for details on how to place documents. You can configure your favorite image editing program to automatically open each image when a scan completes.

Page 22 Important The portion within 2 mm inwards from the Important alignment mark cannot be scanned. Page Scanning from a WIA driver 1. Search in If you know where to look for, select the drive, folder or network from Specify Folder. Note When you change the Cropping Size for Thumbnail View setting, the preview images will be refreshed and cropped to the new canon dr-2010c wia. Select a resolution from the options displayed by clicking the button, or enter a value within the range of 25 dpi to dpi in 1 canon dr-2010c wia increments.

Canon dr-2010c wia vanon applications or restart the computer and try again. Set the printing size in the application. The scanned images appear in the Thumbnail window. Large ones may remain.

VueScan 9 Release Notes

Canon dr-2010c wia scanners are identical except for the outside plastic, and there’s a universal binary driver for the LiDE 35 on www. Open this window to display or use scanned images or images saved on a computer.

Histogram A histogram allows you camon see the data concentration at each brightness level of an canon dr-2010c wia. Darkened Original image Brightened Page Vivid Photo Select this checkbox to print the image in vivid colors.