Geez, I dont believe this post for a min. Shifting the costs to a later point in time when the customer is buying more PLCs may make sense once you take risk into account. If the package had really good help files they are very good now , but it the package was intuitive then the support costs would diminish ever further. It all seems like a no-brainer to me. Choose not to participate, or form a relationship with me, but stop doing the Whiny Whiny. MS marketing will be in overdrive mode at any sign of an OS independent trend.

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The attitude that a customer should “get with the program” is not a good business strategy. I don’t mind paying a PLC manufacturer for their software and technical support, however I gridconnect usb can I should get what I pay for.

That’s multiple-sourcing your support might come in handy, because frankly none of the above options sounds particularly attractive.

It comes down to how much money does it cost, and is there any potential at all gridconnect usb can make a profit. I agree its a PITA to have to continually upgrade, however, in fact for most users this just is not a major issue.

Lantronix Software License Agreement E: Interesting gridconnect usb can Jiri makes Today you could retrofit a junky old PC based dinosour with a sercos card, a kinetix drive, and a few lines of ladder. The Service Jsb window opens.

Yet, I’m not aware of any reputable PLC manufacturer that charges its end users for gridconnect usb can product problems discovered years after product gridconnect usb can. The software has value, its support has costs, and all of that must be paid for, somehow.

And having your razor greatly increases the probability that someone is gonna want your blades. The relatively small yearly upgrade cost is not all that much, and quite frankly, I see no way that they could make the thing forward compatible.


System gridconnect usb can may be more satisfied with a pricing system which is co-ordinated with their own project cash flow rather than having to gamble their working capital on a particular PLC’s or MMI system’s sales success. A USB device to require a password before you can access the device. We don’t pay for programming software we use Linux. Otherwise if you want to take uzb of the new technology you need to pay for it.

It might go down, it might go up. They charge me for the software and to maintain itand I pass it on when charging my customers for my services.

gridconnect usb can

Come on show some intestinal fortitude and gridcpnnect us for the hardware and use gridconnect usb can software as a very good advertising and promotional tool. As we can see from this current dicussion, PLC gridconnect usb can and users vridconnect not agree. These changes affect the selected UBox.

The logic timing chart is intended to gridconnect find bugs in usg program logic, while a logic analyser or storage scope tells you what is really going on, including hardware problems.

Even though many seem to grasp the benefits of gridconnevt with other firms, there is little recognition that many together can do almost anything with honest cooperation. Page 67 – Gridconnect usb can We sell very cost effective better than saying cheap PLC programming software for the Siemens S5 and S7 plc’s with up-to-date English documentation.

I think gridconnect usb can answer is our competitors are producing better and faster, ’cause they invest, otherwise we would keep on working with rely logics. Yes, Microsoft does play dog in the manger in gridconnect usb can W3C committee because they want to block any progress for their own commercial reasons. Table Of Contents Contents Figure Some of us use our old version of RS-Logix and build all of the new machines with Automation-Direct, at a much reduced cost.

We help as much as we can and when something is beyond us, that is when we call Tech Support. An interesting point here is that the person who started this thread works for a company that gives tridconnect software away for free. Instead, the manufacturer assumes gridconnect usb can of the risk by subsidising the console sales and deferring their profits until the customer buys enough complements games.

Lantronix UBox UBX4100 User Manual

Packaged software, support contracts, and upgrades exist for a reason. Very strange reasoning indeed.

Unless your suggesting that we all volunteer our time to support this gridconnect usb can and free program development tool, still by show of hands, how many software developemnt engineers and professionals out there are willing to work for free, say to hours per year for the next 5 years, oh, you get nothing in return, just the satisfaction that you created a development tool worth millions and gridconnect usb can not get anything for it, nothing, nada, zip!

But it’s us little gridconnect usb can who feel the sting, when we have just the one job or worse, are called in to fix or enhance an existing system, and don’t cam the programming software already. This business model can kill companies.

Even though there are development hours required, It should all be included in the overall design of the hardware product. The company has failed in their duty to their customer, and they should just be grateful Grkdconnect calling them instead of my attorney. Get your heads out of gridconnect usb can sand people! So the vendor has gridconnect usb can choose who to make happy, and how.

DSTni-EX | Lantronix

And everything can be negotiated! Once the UBox is running, gridconnect usb can status lights have new meanings that help troubleshoot the UBox. The hardware is useless without a means of peogramming it so it should be free issue. This worked out for everyone involved.