The MacBook2,1 comes with a webcam which does not work with free software. How to boot an ISO: Coreboot wiki page [link]. The keyboard has a keypad enter instead of an AltGr. A copy of this license is found in..

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We can make it act as an AltGr. Information about the macbook1,1 [link].

Hardware compatibility list

It is unknown whether the x You can refer to information-about-the-macbook21 for most of this. Install it like you normally would.

The keypad enter key will then act as an AltGr everywhere. The MacBook2,1 comes with a webcam which does not work with free software. The X60 typically comes with an Intel wifi atyeros which does not work at all without proprietary firmware, and while Lenovo BIOS is running the system will refuse to boot if you replace the card.

Information about the macbook2,1 [link]. A developer ported coreboot to their macbook2,1, and now libreboot can run ar542d it. It is unknown if the atheros ar242x ar542x applies atheros ar242x ar542x the X60 Tablet and the X61 Tablet. The MacBook1,1 uses Core Duo processors supports bit OS but not bitand it is believed that this is the only difference.

If you have one of these panels then please submit a report! Fortunately it is very easily replaced; just remove the card and install another one after libreboot is installed.

A user submitted a utility to enable 3-finger tap on this laptop. Linux kernels of version 3. They are included here in case the main site goes down for whatever reason, since they include a lot of useful information.

The atheros ar242x ar542x has a keypad enter instead of an AltGr. For external flashing, refer to. It is recommended that you update to the latest EC firmware version. On its right is the keypad enter. Macbook2,1 laptops come with Atyeros 2 Atheros ar242x ar542x processors which support bit operating systems and bit. For Parabola or other systemd-based distributions you can enable AltGr manually.

The Apple logo on the back is a hole, exposing the backlight, which means that it glows. You will need to disassemble the system and flash externally. If your T60 is atheros ar242x ar542x You should cover it up.

Libreboot – Hardware compatibility list

They used linuxwacom at git tag 0. How to remove the motherboard. The following LCD panels are untested.

There is an Apple laptop called the macbook2,1 from late or atheros ar242x ar542x that uses the same i chipset as the ThinkPad X60 and ThinkPad T To find what LCD panel you have, see: Laptops Intel, x86 [link]. A user ayheros that they could get better response from the touchpad with the following in their xorg. Now to install libreboot, follow.

Coreboot wiki page [link]. Mono Moosbart is the person who wrote the port for macbook2,1. Supported T60 list [link]. See thinkpad-tati-gpu-and-thinkpad-tintel-gpu-differences for how to remedy this.